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By: Ahmed M.Gbr This is the second scene from Cinematic CGI series . Cinematic CGI series …


Deer between the woods

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Classic Villa

Classic Villa

   314 24
Modern Space

Modern Space

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Private Villa

Private Villa

By: Mahmoud M. Mob Private Villa –  Eng. Mahmoud, Designed this scene and shared it with …

Dining Table

   200 19

Kitchen Boat

   180 19

TF Table C01

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Oxygen Priddys Hard

Priddy’s Hard

By: Oxygen Along the coastal site of Gosport, Priddy’s Hard seeks to incorporate the large masonry …

800 Wallberg Ave House

   157 17

Mountain House

   154 14

The House In The Pine Forest

   155 19


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The latest decor trends of 2018

The latest decor trends of 2018..AR

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KeyShot 7.2 Released

KeyShot 7.2 Released

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Photoshop Releases Version 19.1

Photoshop Releases Version 19.1

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Vasilis Koutlis
physicspainter interface FI


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3ds Modeling Lessons

3ds Modeling Lessons

” 3ds Modeling Lessons by using 3ds Max and V-ray ” Watch and Learn 🙂 …

Exterior Perspective 3ds Max

   137 12

Interior Workshop by using 3ds Max and V-ray

   176 11

Interior with exterior modeling from cad to max

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El Masjid Nabawy Expansion FI

El Masjid Nabawy Expansion

By: Vanilla Studio
Hi everyone, first of all we want to thank CGArtZone for inviting us, We would love to share with…